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There is a critical difference between “use by” and “best before”, and it is what is happening to the food as it ages.

Dry Ice Temperatures

To measure temperatures during dry ice shipping, you need one of these specialist LogTags


At OnSolution, we’re not happy unless you are, so we’re always here to provide support. One thing that can make life easier for you is i...

USB LogTags for Refrigerated Transport

Why USB LogTags are perfect for refrigerated transport companies Place this temperature logger in with your shipment and it will record the...

Where are you most likely to get food poisoning – how the media got it totally wrong

A report is currently being misquoted as saying you are twice as likely to get food poisoning from restaurants than from home. We tracked do...

Help! My LogTag says it hit -40°

  LogTag Training TROUBLESHOOTING Help! My LogTag says it hit -40° If you retrieve the temperature data from your LogTag and you see a...

Hindsight won’t help South Australian Restaurants

With restaurants facing the consequences of the storms riping through South Australia, is there something that they could have done to help...

I can’t find my delivery

"II have received an email from you saying my order is delivered but I didn't receive it" - this post explains what to do now to ensure it a...

Top 10 Causes Of Food Poisoning

We have the usual suspects as well as a couple of unexpected appearances in our "Top 10 Causes of Food Poisoning".

What is a LogTag Temperature Logger?

This is an explanation video for “What is a temperature logger”. Coming soon we will have one specifically for “what is a...

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