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Why would you want a daily min/max graph?

I was recently asked to make a daily min/max graph. I questioned the wisdom of this and showed how it was built on old compromises that don'...

I put the LogTag in the Reader and … nothing happened

When you pop your LogTag into the Reader, the LogTag Analyzer software should automatically download the data and show you a graph of temper...

The frightening long-term effects of food poisoning

If you think that a bout of food poisoning is just a bit of vomiting and diarrhoea, then you may be in for a bit of a shock.

10 foods to avoid while pregnant … and why

Pregnancy hormones can lower a woman’s immune system to the point that infections and diseases that she would normally fight off can have...

Whose job is it to check the coolroom temperature?

It’s in your HACCP plan and you know it’s important – that’s why you put your, er, top people on the job. And just because the kitch...

Protecting your customers from listeria

The news today is reporting a story about two people who have died from listeria infection. Ten people in total have been affected by this o...

Chipotle: a cautionary tale about letting sick staff prepare food


Five LogTag lifesavers for flu vaccine season

Modern temperature loggers make it really easy to keep a log of vaccine fridge temperatures. But are they making it so easy that we are beco...

LogTag Spike Analysis

Issue A single -5° reading has been recorded by the LogTag monitoring a vaccine fridge. If this is a valid reading then the vaccines are po...

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