LogTag Temperature Recorders

“How do I export LogTag data for Microsoft Excel?”

LogTag® Analyzer has the option to save *.CSV files, which can be read directly into Microsoft Excel. Please see your MS Excel documentation if you have difficulties with this step. To create a *.CSV file there are three options you can choose from:

  • In LogTag® Analyzer, select “Edit – Options” and select “Export and Reports&q. Tick the selection box next to “CSV (Comma delimited)” files. From now on anytime you download a LogTag®, a CSV file will automatically be saved together with the ltd file in the directory chosen in “File and Folder settings”. This is usually the “My DocumentsMy LogTag Data” folder.
  • If you wish to export a previously saved file to Excel, open that file, select “File – Save as…”, and in the drop down box “Save as type” at the bottom select “CSV (Comma delimited)”. The file extension will be automatically be added. You can also select a list separator if you do not wish to use the default Windows separator.
  • When you are viewing any data or summary tab simply select “Edit – Copy” and paste it directly into an Excel spreadsheet