LogTag Temperature Recorders

Easiest way to log temperature guarenteed

For the past year the landing page of our site has said “Easiest way to log temperature guarenteed”. For people who don’t see the funny side of this, look at it carefully.

No one has picked us up on the spelling mistake. Does that mean no one has picked up on it, or have we just lost business from the literate few who clicked away in horror?

For those who still haven’t seen it, “guarenteed” isn’t a word.

BUT if you Google “guarenteed” there are so many sites that have it. What is more frightening is how many of them have to do with money lending. Are money lenders specifically after the uneducated? I suspect so.

I was once told that scammers deliberately load their spam up with poor English because an educated person will automatically delete it, while an uneducated person is more likely to respond. And it is the poor and uneducated that these scams are targeting.

So does that mean that our LogTag customers from the last couple of years will also be interested in a “low interest loans” but won’t need it anymore because “you have just won 3 billion dollars in the Microsoft lottery” and have “2 trilion dolars in a bank acount in Nigeria that cant be used by General Stroganoff and so needs you help.”

Our “Best Offer Ever” Guarentee

We would like to think that our customers are above that. But just in case, we have a special offer to all of our existing LogTag customers this month only – LogTags are normally $70 but until August 31st we are selling them for an incredibly low $90. That’s right, only $90. But at this price they won’t last. And to make the offer even better, if you buy three we will ship you two. That’s right, buy three and get two. And finally, if you buy within the next 20 minutes we will charge you double, that’s right, double. But be quick because these prices won’t last.