LogTag Temperature Recorders

“What happens if I keep using a LogTag which shows a low battery?”

If a LogTag reports a battery as ‘OK’ during configuration, there is typically enough operational life left to complete a trip before being completely exhausted. Sometimes such a trip can even last several months, as the battery threshold that triggers a ‘LOW’ reading has enough safety margin built in to allow for the battery to go ‘low’ during the trip. If, however, a product shows ‘LOW’ when being configured or downloaded, it should not be used again, but discarded in accordance with local regulations.

If you continue to use the recorder despite a LOW battery warning, there may not be enough power left to correctly record and store data, or to communicate with a PC. Often this leads to data corruption and sometimes complete data loss. For SRIC-4, TRIL & SRIL models the software can calculate the estimated % remaining at the conclusion of a configured logging trip and block configurations that can result in a battery being empty before the trip end.