LogTag Temperature Recorders

“Why is “Always create a unique copy of files” not working?”

Some Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS Drives) use versions of SAMBA (Server Message Block) file servers which do not correctly report back whether a file exists or not. Consequently, LogTag Analyzer will overwrite an already existing file with the same name, regardless of the settings made in the Automation options. To check if your server displays this behaviour, set the appropriate storage location in the Options dialogue, configure a LogTag for 30 seconds logging and download the LogTag twice a few minutes apart. The second download should create a file with “….copy 1” attached at the end of the file name. If you cannot see this additional file in the storage location, you should select a different storage folder to maintain the integrity of your data.
It is always good practice to include a field element into the file name that differentiates the file by its date or trip number.