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LogTag Temperature Recorders

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As soon as possible, as quickly as possible, as reliably as possible!

We know that if you are buying one of our products it is probably because you needed it yesterday. We obviously can't deliver it to you yesterday so we will do our best to get it to you tomorrow, and in some cases, today.

To achieve this we try to have all items in stock at all times, process orders up until close of business, and use fast and reliable couriers. We then back this up with procedures to keep you informed and to keep an eye on the delivery. Finally we end it with a call to make sure you have the product and are happy with it.


All items are typically kept in stock and ship same day for:

  • Local/national orders received before 4pm
  • International orders received before 1pm

For orders that can not ship same day, we will notify you with a target shipping date.


The majority of orders will ship from our Sydney office.


For local and national orders we will use:

  • Australia Post express satchels (typically)
  • Australia Post
  • Couriers including Go, Couriers Please, and TNT

For international orders we will use:

  • DHL (typically)
  • TNT
  • Australia Post

We will use other means if you specifically request it, and any additional fees will be passed onto you. If we doubt the legitimacy of the shipping company we will politely refuse.


Once packed, we will send you an email confirming the courier and the reference number.

We will check the status of your order and send you another email once we believe the item has been delivered. Occassionally we will have an item delivered and put aside. Weeks later we receive a phone call from the customer wondering when we are shipping it. So if you receive the email but don't have the goods, please check with your receptionist or storeman. It should be somewhere. In the unlikely event of it being delivered to the wrong address we can follow that up.

For orders that are running late being delivered we request that you contact the courier. We can try to follow it up but are typically fobbed off because the goods are now considered yours.

Responsibility and Ownership

Once the goods are shipped they are your responsibility.

By our Terms and Conditions, they remain our property until they are paid for.

And that then means shipping is always that grey area of who is responsible. For expensive orders we request that you take the insurance option so that there is no disagreement as to who is resposnible for a lost or damaged shipment.