Replacement Logger for Vaccine Fridge

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Replacement Logger for Vaccine Fridge

Need a replacement for your Medisafe vaccine fridge temperature logger? Choose from Standard or Premium models.

Replacement loggers for your vaccine fridge

If you have a LogTag TREX-8 temperature logger that connects to a probe wire coming out of your fridge, you can expect two to three years of life out of the battery. Once the battery is depleted, you will need to replace the logger – the battery is not replaceable or rechargeable.

There are two options available.

The Standard Replacement is a Model TREX-8 and is identical to the one supplied with your fridge. The Premium Replacement (Model TRED30-16R) is completely compatible with your current fridge, software and USB Reader but has three extra features:

  • Visual LCD Display
  • Audible Alarm
  • Replaceable Battery

See How to replace a LogTag Battery

LCD Display

Get a visual display of the temperature inside the fridge even when the power goes out and your fridge display is not working.

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