LogTag Temperature Recorders

“How can I tell if a LogTag’s battery is low?”

LogTag Analyzer displays the current battery condition of a recorder during configuration and also after download.

TRIX-8, TREX-8 & HAXO-8 models contain a simple battery diagnostic circuit, which measures the battery voltage and returns ‘OK’ or ‘LOW’. This is just a status and it is not possible to calculate a %remaining battery life from this data. The point at which the battery reports ‘LOW’ is typically when around 15%-20% capacity is left, which in normal operating conditions is equivalent to around 3-4 months of typical use.

SRIC-4, TRIL & SRIL designs contain a battery life monitoring system. These products not only return the actual battery voltage to the software, but also keep track of their activities so LogTag Analyzer can calculate a ‘% battery life remaining’ value, once the battery capacity falls below 50% of its original value. TRID30-7 and TRED30-7 models report high or low based on battery voltage.

An incorrect low battery indication can occur if the recorder is still very cold during communication, as it is more difficult for the battery to deliver power at low temperatures due to the chemistry used. The battery condition is therefore more representative when reported at room temperature, around 20°C.