LogTag Temperature Recorders

“How do I uninstall my LogTag Interface cradle USB Interface drivers completely?”

Following steps are required to uninstall USB interface drivers completely:

  1. With USB interface cradle plugged into the computer, Open “Control Panel” – “System” Select the “Hardware” tab in “System Properties” and select the “Device Manager” button. Scroll to the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” entry, expand the list by clicking on the “+” symbol”. Right click any “USB Interface” entries and select the “Uninstall” command from the popup context menu.
  2. Open “Control Panel” – “Add/Remove Programs”, highlight the LogTag® USB interface drivers and select “remove”
  3. Delete usbint.inf and usbint.pnf
  4. Delete ftdibus.sys from Windows/system32/drivers folder
  5. Delete all DLL’s starting with “ftdi” from Windows/system32 folder.