LogTag Temperature Recorders

“What is LogTag’s Pre-Start fail-safe logging?”

This function allows the LogTag to record temperature data even if the “Start” button is not pressed.
When a logger is configured for push button start using LogTag Analyzer software the user has to press the “Start” button to initiate data collection. This is usually done when the LogTag is placed in the consignment of goods. If, however, the user forgets to press the “Start” button, the logger will still collect data in “pre-start” mode, and this data can be viewed in the normal way using LogTag Analyzer.

Pre-Start logging can be enabled or disabled when configuring the logger. Pre-start logs do not count towards the total number of readings configured. In other words, you can not expand the memory size by utilising pre-start logging.
If a LogTag is configured to take readings up to its memory capacity and has pre-start enabled, the pre-start readings will no longer be available once the Start button has been pushed AND the LogTag has completed its intended full logging cycle. The pre-start readings will be overwritten to ensure the “main” recordings can use the complete memory.