LogTag Temperature Recorders

“What causes LogTag data points on the charts to be non-validated? What is non-validated data?”

LogTag products automatically insert error detection codes into the log memory while they record. This assists in detecting corruption and/or manipulation of data. These error detection codes are saved with the file so any attempts to manipulate data in a saved file are also detected.

Non-validated readings occur when a block of readings fails a data integrity check; these readings can be displayed differently on the chart and data list. There are a number of reasons why data can become non-validate:

  • A communication error occurs during data transfer from the LogTag to the PC
  • Problems occurred during logging where either the readings or the error detection code was not correctly written to memory due to a low battery
  • The LogTag was operated in an environment far beyond the production specification (i.e. very cold or very hot or in a heavy industrial environment with high electro-magnetic fields present).

Only in very rare cases is this a result of a memory fault in the LogTag.