LogTag Temperature Recorders

“Why can’t I see any interfaces in the LogTag Access Window?”

Each time you configure or download a LogTag via the menu, all available communication ports are checked for interfaces with LogTag products. LogTag Analyzer restricts this search to ports that can physically have an interface attached, and are also enabled in the communication options.
If you cannot see any interfaces in the access screen, and the progress bar stalls at 0% you should check the following:

  1. All interfaces have been disabled or diconnected: in this case select “Edit – Options – Communication Ports” and enable the interfaces you wish to communicate to. Plug any disconnected USB or RS232 interfaces back into the PC.
  2. Communication ports have been enabled that may no longer be present. For example, if a Bluetooth device or a LAN manager device has created virtual COM ports, LogTag Analyzer will still try to communicate to these ports, although they may no longer present. In this case it will take significant time (minutes) for the Operating System to report back that this port is no longer present, and it may seem as if LogTag Analyzer “hangs”.
  3. There is an issue with the USB driver. You can execute a small utility that will re-install the USB drivers on your computer. This utility can be downloaded from here. You need to make sure you have all USB interfaces disconnected when running the utility. Also, to prevent these drivers from being replaced with a newer version, you need to disable your internet connection when you re-attach the USB interfaces, or disable automatic driver downloading from Windows update.