LogTag Temperature Recorders

“Can LogTag recorders be calibrated?”

All LogTag data logging products can be calibrated and then adjusted (re-calibrated) with an application called “LogTag®Calibrate”. In this context, calibration is the process of checking a given instrument against a reference with a calibration table of values and errors being generated. Any instrument with a readout can be calibrated. What clients usually want is the ability to “adjust” a LogTag. Adjustment (or recalibration as it is sometimes called) is when an instrument is adjusted to read in accordance with a reference instrument. The readout of the instrument after the adjustment is the same as the reference instrument.

Please discuss any requirements for calibration with your local distributor. All LogTag® products are designed to operate to the published accuracy over the typical product life, provided they are operated in the rated environment defined in the product specification. Temperature calibration therefore should not be required, unless it is a third party requirement for the application in which the loggers are used. Due to the nature of the RH sensor it is advised that RH calibration is performed every 6-12 months, depending on the environment the logger is subjected to.