LogTag Temperature Recorders

“What does LogTag’s hibernate feature do?”

LogTags can be hibernated via LogTag Analyzer by selecting Hibernate from the LogTag menu. When hibernated, all logging functions are suspended, all indicators are turned off and internal components are switched to low power. This reduces the current consumption on LogTags to very low levels, equivalent to around 1/10th or less than during normal operation. If units are hibernated between uses, for example when the unit is not required for another trip straight away, the battery life can be significantly extended. Recorders are automatically ‘woken up’ from hibernation if they are placed in an interface and accessed, and do not automatically return to the hibernate state. The green LED will blink every 8 seconds to indicate its ‘awake’ status, any previously recorded data, however, will no longer be accessible. Note that recorders may wake up from hibernate if static discharges into the contacts of the recorder as a result of handling the recorder after it has been hibernated.