LogTag Temperature Recorders
Logtag Configuration

How to configure a Logtag Temperature Logger

Configuring the Logtag summary

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Getting to the configuration screen

You need to configure the Logtag Temperature Logger before using it. This will tell it how often you want it to record the temperature and what the alarm limits are.

You need to do this when you first receive the logger. Before you run the software, plug the Logtag cradle into the USB port of your computer.

Run the Logtag Analyser software. You will see the following screen appear:

Logtag Analyser


Plug the Logtag into the cradle.

If the Logtag Wizard does not automatically start then press the Logtag Wizard button just below the “File” menu.

You will see this screen appear:

Logtag Analyser Action List

Press Next and the device list will appear:
Logtag Analyser Device List

If the Logtag has been detected then the configuration screen will appear.

Logtag Configuration Screen

Logtag Configuration

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Press “Next” to configure the Logtag. This will:
– Clear the Logtag’s previous readings
– Download the configuration to the Logtag
– Wait for you to press the “Start/Mark” button to begin Logging.

Place the Logger in the fridge (or where ever you want to log) and press the “Start/Mark” button.