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Category: FAQ

“My LogTag Analyzer Installer asks for all USB devices to be disconnected – what do I do?”

When the LogTag Analyzer Installer determines that the USB drivers need to be updated while one or more USB interface cradles are connected...

“How do I uninstall my LogTag Interface cradle USB Interface drivers completely?”

Following steps are required to uninstall USB interface drivers completely: With USB interface cradle plugged into the computer, Open &#8220...

“Can I use LogTag Analyzer with Windows 8?”

Starting with version 2.3r18, LogTag Analyzer is compatible with Windows 8, however on 64-bit versions the native mail application will not...

“Can I use LogTag Analyzer with Linux?”

You can use LogTag Analyzer versions 2.0r17 and later on a computer running Linux OS, however you must use the translation layer software WI...

“Can I use LogTag Analyzer in a Citrix environment?”

You can use LogTag Analyzer versions 2.0r17 and later in a Citrix environment, however there are certain restrictions. You can find a summa...

“The LogTag installer shows an error message “unknown publisher”!”

This message typically indicates an incomplete download of LogTag software, which invalidates the digital signature of the installer file. I...

“Can I use LogTag Analyzer with Windows 7?”

Yes, LogTag Analyzer versions 1.9r12 and later are fully compatible with Windows 7 in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The USB Interfac...

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