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Category: FAQ

“Can I fit an external temperature sensor to a TRIX-8?”

Sorry, external temperature sensors can only be fitted to TREX-8, TRED30-7 and TREL-8 models.

“How fast will a TRIX-8 react to a change in temperature?”

The most common industry standard expression for temperature reading stabilisation time is the ‘T90’. This is defined as the typical tim...

“What does LogTag’s hibernate feature do?”

LogTags can be hibernated via LogTag Analyzer by selecting Hibernate from the LogTag menu. When hibernated, all logging functions are s...

“What do the light patterns on the LogTag mean?”

The LogTag’s LED’s signal a number of different events or status information. The table below contains a summary of the light pa...

“Can LogTags be used in an environment with Gamma radiation?”

Although we have no test data or specifications for the components used in a LogTag it seems generally accepted that CMOS semiconductor com...

“Will an electrical current between contacts damage the LogTag?”

The contacts are isolated from the critical internal component such that incidental static discharge will not harm the LogTag. Deliberate ap...

“How can I change LogTag’s temperature units?”

If you simply wish to change the unit used to display reports and graphs in LogTag Analyzer, select Edit – Options – General S...

“How long does a LogTag’s battery last?”

Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to this question. LogTag battery life is affected by many different factors: If the logger is per...

“How can I tell if a LogTag’s battery is low?”

LogTag Analyzer displays the current battery condition of a recorder during configuration and also after download. TRIX-8, TREX-8 & HAX...

“What happens if I keep using a LogTag which shows a low battery?”

If a LogTag reports a battery as ‘OK’ during configuration, there is typically enough operational life left to complete a trip before b...

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