LogTag Training

4. Starting your LogTag

Once your LogTag is configured and you have worked out where you want to put it, the next step is to start the LogTag so it can begin collecting data.

Push Button Start

If you selected Push Button Start in your LogTag configuration, the logger will now be waiting for you to start it.

Press and hold the Start button for about a second. Both the red and green LEDs on the front of the logger will flash for a few seconds to show that the logger is starting.

After that, the green OK LED will flash briefly about every 8 seconds to show you that the logger is recording.


Starting a LogTag with Display

The LogTag with Display can be a bit tricky to start.

If the LogTag is not recording, it will look like this

Press and hold the START button.

The word STARTING will appear and flash.

Continue holding the START button until the word STARTING stops flashing, then release it. This can take from 1 to 5 seconds.

The screen should now look like this.

The word REC indicates that the LogTag is recording data.

If the LogTag screen goes back to saying READY, it is NOT running and you will need to repeat the starting procedure.