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Who uses LogTags?

LogTag User

We sell LogTags to customers in a wide range of industries, but we never cease to be surprised by the uses people find for them.

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LogTags temperature logger in hospitals


Due to their tremendous reliability and ease of use, LogTags have become the standard temperature logger for the medical market.

One of the largest medical refrigerator manufacturers, Avem Quirks, builds LogTags directly into their top end MediSafe models.

LogTags temperature logger for cold chain transport


LogTags are used by manufacturers and shipping companies all over the world to monitor the efficiency of their cold chain solutions.

LogTag data can prove to receivers that shipments were stored correctly and help shippers identify possible problem areas.

There are even models that can candle dry ice temperatures of -80°C.

LogTags temperature logger in kitchens


If a customer comes back with a complaint of food poisoning or the Council inspector visits, you will want to be able to show that food is stored at correct temperatures. A LogTag makes that easy.

In busy kitchens, where you can’t spare a staff member to be constantly checking temperatures, you know that your LogTag is keeping accurate records for you.

LogTags temperature logger for HVAC

Air Conditioning

LogTags are widely used by air conditioning engineers to assist with load balancing and temperature fluctuations, especially in large spaces.

Place a LogTag at key points around the space to get a complete picture of how the air conditioning system is functioning.

(Also great for dealing with that one employee who insists their space is too hot or too cold.)

LogTags temperature logger for scientific research

Research, Testing and Manufacturing

Temperature and humidity can dramatically effect experiments and manufacturing processes.

LogTags are used to monitor test environments to ensure consistent results. Visible and audible alerts immediately notify testers that temperature or humidity has gone out of range.

LogTags can measure temperatures as high as 80°C so they’re perfect for incubators too.

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