Key benefits of temperature loggers

There are many benefits of temperature loggers, many of which are discussed below.

Meet Compliance Requirements

There are strict rules surrounding temperature control in numerous industries, such as food and hospitality, and medical. These standards which are set by governmental and independent bodies usually dictate that regular temperature readings be taken in fridges and freezers. This can be done manually with a thermometer, but what happens when no one is there to read it? Or when someone forgets? This can risk compliance with the rules, and risk the quality of the end product delivered to your clients.

LogTag Temperature Loggers allow you to automatically record the temperature at a set interval. You can leave the device in your fridge for a week and then download the results and store them on your computer. If there are any issues with temperature, the LED indicator will alert you to the issue as it happens.

Save Money

You can maximise the shelf life of temperature controlled goods by ensuring they are stored at optimal temperature. This way, you only need to throw them out when they have defiantly gone past their usable life.

Protect you reputation

Unfortunately, bad news spreads like wildfire and can ruin your business. Don’t give your customers a reason to bad mouth you. Use a LogTag logger to help you ensure your product is always of high quality.

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