LogTag Temperature Recorders

LogTag Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started

The Starter Pack is our simplest and most affordable pack, perfect for someone starting out with temperature logging. The pack includes the standard LogTag, the LogTag USB Reader and a BONUS LogTag Analyzer on USB.

A$229.00 incl. GST

If you’ve decided to buy a temperature logging system, this Pack is a great option.

Included is the standard LogTag, a feature-packed but easy-to-use logger that we recommend for most applications.

The LogTag has a wide temperature range, suitable for monitoring all kinds of environments including freezers, refrigerators, room temperature, bain-maries and even incubators.

The logger can be configured to record a reading at different intervals – from once every 30 seconds to once every 18 hours.

Also included is the USB Reader you will need to configure the LogTag and read data from it.

As a bonus, we also include a convenient copy of the LogTag Analyzer software on CD.




-30°C to 85°C


16,000 (reusable)


2 LEDs – Alert and OK