LogTag Temperature Recorders

LogTag Battery Low

How do I tell if my LogTag Battery is low? Is there a way of replacing it or charging it? What should I do if it does not work? Find out more here.

Locating Battery Status

If a Logger reports a battery as ‘OK’ when generating a report, there is typically enough operational life left to complete a trip before being completely exhausted.

If, however, a product shows ‘LOW’ when being configured or downloaded, it should not be used again, but discarded in accordance with local regulations.

After successfully downloading your LogTag, proceed to the 'report' view. Once you have selected this view, check your LogTag's battery status.

Symptoms of a Low LogTag Battery

If you experience one of the following, this could be due to a low battery:

Important: These are not always battery related!

  • Downloading data isn’t possible
  • Software freezes during download
  • Strange light patterns. E.g. light does not always come back on.
  • Difference in temperature/humidity (See image on the right)

If you continue to use the Logger despite a low battery warning, there may not be enough power left to correctly record and store data, or to communicate with a PC.

Often this leads to data corruption and sometimes complete data loss.

Single-Use LogTags (2-3 year battery life)

Some LogTag models have fixed or user-replaceable batteries.

If you have any of the LogTags below – the battery is non-replaceable and will require you to replace the logger once it has depleted.

The battery is expected to last 2 years or more based on a sample rate of once every 5 minutes.

Premium LogTags (battery replaceable)

If you have any of the LogTags below you are able to replace the batteries once your data logger becomes critically low –

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