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LogTag Temperature Loggers

LogTag TRIX-16


Your best bet for most situations.

The standard LogTag has a 16,000 reading memory and a wide temperature range suitable for everything from freezers to incubators.

The internal temperature sensor means you don’t need a probe – just place the LogTag directly into the test environment.

$88.00 incl. GST

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LogTag UTRIX-16

LogTag with USB Connection

No USB Docking Station required

These LogTags have a convenient USB connection that eliminates the need for a separate cradle.

And even if the computer you plug them into doesn’t have the LogTag software installed, the user can still download a PDF of the readings. This makes them great for shipping.


$143.00 incl. GST

LogTag TRID30-7R

LogTag with Visual Display

See temperatures at a glance

Need to see temperatures and temperature events without connecting your logger to a computer? This latest LogTag has a clear display that tells you current temperature, maximum and minimum logged temperatures, alarms, and more. Features replaceable battery.

This LogTag is perfect if you don’t have a thermometer in your refrigerator or freezer.

$198.00 incl. GST

LogTag HAXO-8

LogTag with Humidity Logging

Record temperature AND relative humidity

For many processes, humidity is as important as temperature.

These clever LogTags record both.

$203.50 incl. GST

LogTag TREX-8

LogTag with External Probe

Go where other LogTags can’t

This is the perfect LogTag when you need to measure temperatures inside products.

Monitor temperatures inside coolers, underwater or in small spaces.

$192.50 incl. GST

LogTag TRED30-7R

LogTag with External Probe and Display

The logger that does it all

Mount the probe inside your monitoring area, mount the logger outside, and you have a constant visual read-out of temperature, as well as visual alerts and log history – all without opening the door.

Features audible alarm and replaceable battery.

$247.50 incl. GST

Special Use Loggers

TREX-8 and TRED30-16R

Replacements loggers for vaccine fridges

Need a replacement logger for your Medical fridge?

If your LogTag is a model TREX-8 (on the back, below the barcode), then these are your options for a replacement.

Choose from Standard or Premium models.


$143.00 incl. GST

LogTag TRIL-8

LogTag Extreme Low Temperature

Dry Ice monitoring without a probe

Incredibly, you can place this logger directly in your dry ice shipment – no probe needed.

When extremely low temperatures are vital, this is the temperature logger to trust.

$165.00 incl. GST

LogTag TREL-8

LogTag Extreme Low with Probe

Incredible accuracy at Dry Ice temperatures

Mount the probe in your cooler and you can monitor temperatures without removing the cover. Great for shipping. See exactly what your shipment went through.

$214.50 incl. GST

Multi Buy Bundles - Save up to $1,140

LogTag Vaccine Logger Set

This is a complete solution for accurate temperature logging of liquids such as vaccines. The LogTag probe measures the temperature of the Glycol in the vial rather than the air temperature in the refrigerator.

Also available without the Reader if you already have one.

$352.00 incl. GST

LogTag Starter Pack

Getting started made easy

Package Includes:

  • 1 LogTag Temperature Logger
  • LogTag USB Docking Station
  • LogTag Analyzer Software on CD

$218.90 incl. GST

LogTag 10-Logger Pro Pack

Save $40 on this multi-buy

Package Includes:

  • 10 LogTag Temperature Loggers
  • LogTag USB Docking Station
  • LogTag Analyzer Software on CD

$878.90 incl. GST

LogTag 50-Logger Pro Pack

Save $1,140 on this multi-buy

Package Includes:

  • 50 LogTag Temperature Loggers
  • LogTag USB Docking Station
  • LogTag Analyzer Software on CD

$2,748.90 incl. GST

Readers, Software and Accessories

USB Reader Interface

All LogTags except those with built-in USB connections will need a Data Reader in order to be configured and to have their data read.

Comes with a BONUS LogTag Analyzer Software USB

$152.90 incl. GST

LogTag Wall Mount

This Wall Mount is suitable for all LogTags, including USB loggers. Loggers easily click in and out.

The Mount can be screwed to a wall to create a consistent and safe place for the logger.

$11.00 incl. GST

Clear LogTag Case

The LogTag Case allows you to use your LogTag in harsh environments. It is shock, splash and soil resistant.

The design of the enclosure minimises the effects of thermal lag caused by additional casing.

$27.50 incl. GST

Glycol Buffer for Liquid Temperature Logging

Highly Recommended for Vaccine Storage

This specialised probe mimics the conditions of a liquid. Place this next to vials of vaccines to get an accurate record of liquid temperatures.

For use with any External Probe LogTag. Probe not included.

$16.50 incl. GST

External Probes

LogTag External Probes

External probes allow measurements from environments that LogTags can’t operate in – e.g. in liquid.

We have a wide range of probes for use with any External Probe LogTag.

$49.50 incl. GST

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