LogTag Temperature Recorders

Refrigerators 0° to 8°C

All LogTags are capable of monitoring refrigerators accurately.

Your choice may depend on what other features you require.

Vaccine refrigerators

If you are after a LogTag to monitor a vaccine refrigerator, try these…

No Reader required

If you only have one or two refrigerators to monitor, this is a great option. These LogTags have a USB plug built in so you don’t need to buy a separate Reader to configure the device and read the data – they just plugs straight into your PC. Standard and premium models available.

Budget monitoring

If you just need to collect regular data from multiple fridges, this is your best bet. Place this LogTag directly into the refrigerator to record temperatures. Each week, remove the LogTag from the refrigerator and place it into a Reader Interface (sold separately) to download the data and report.

Temperatures in real time

With this LCD display model, there’s no need to download a log to see the actual temperature – it’s right there on screen. Press Review button to see min/max temperatures each day. Features a replaceable battery.

Vaccine monitoring kits

This kit contains a LogTag with an external probe that is immersed into a vial of glycol. This provides a much more accurate idea of the temperatures of liquids in the refrigerator, rather than just the air temp. This kit is available in a number of configurations, with or without a Reader.