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  • Accessories

    LogTag Reader Interface with Bonus Software

    LogTag Analyser is the comprehensive solution for LogTag data analysis and configuration. This easy to use Windows software allows you to configure your LogTag, including setting alarm thresholds and the data capture interval. When you have captured some readings, all data can be easily downloaded to the software and graphed and annotated in a variety of formats.


  • LogTag in USB Reader


    LogTag Starter Pack

    Everything you need to get started

    The Starter Pack is our simplest and most affordable pack, perfect for someone starting out with temperature logging. The pack includes the standard LogTag, the LogTag USB Reader and a BONUS LogTag Analyzer on USB.


  • LogTag Temperature Loggers


    LogTag Pro Pack 10

    Great savings when you bulk buy

    If you’re looking to log temperature in a few places, such as multiple refrigerators, the LogTag Pro Pack 10 is great for you. Including 10 LogTag Temperature Recorders and the accompanying LogTag Analyser software and USB Data Reader, this pack is the perfect way to get started with temperature logging.


  • Logtag Vaccine set


    LogTag Vaccine Logger Set

    Designed for Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

    This set contains:

    • LogTag with External Probe Mount
    • ST100J External Probe
    • Glycol Buffer Leak-Proof Vial (glycol not included)
    • LogTag Analyzer Software on CD
    • USB Interface Reader

    When placed in the refrigerator with vaccines, this set will accurately log their actual temperature, rather than the air temperature in the refrigerator.

    Also available without the USB Reader and Software.



  • LogTag-50-pack


    LogTag Pro Pack 50

    SAVE A MASSIVE $880!

    If you’re serious about temperature logging, look no further than the LogTag Professional Pack. The pack includes 50 LogTag loggers, the LogTag Analyzer Software as well as the USB Data Reader.


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