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Have we lost our way with vaccine monitoring?

Twenty years ago we had domestic fridges with min/max thermometers and had to daily downloads to ensure they weren't freezing. Now we have v...


There is a critical difference between “use by” and “best before”, and it is what is happening to the food as it ages.

Air Temperature 0° to 85°C

Air-con engineers and BMS professionals love LogTags

Refrigerators 0° to 8°C

LogTags are the most popular loggers food and medical refrigerators

Freezers -30° to 0°C

LogTags are ideal for measuring freezer temperatures to ensure food safety

Dry Ice Shipping -80°C

To measure temperatures during dry ice shipping, you need one of these specialist LogTags

My LogTag was damaged in transit

If your LogTag was damaged during delivery, call us.

Replacing a Medisafe refrigerator LogTag

Is the battery on your Quirks Medisafe refrigerator LogTag getting low?

My temperatures are in Fahrenheit not Celsius

LogTag Training My temperatures are in Fahrenheit not Celsius This can sometimes happen if your computer is set to a US format. However, it...

Medical Storage

Most drugs are temperature or humidity sensitive to some degree

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