Logtag for medical temperature recording

Because vaccines are so incredibly temperature sensitive, and because it’s impossible to tell a spoiled vaccine from a live one with the naked eye, there are some strict guidelines in place about the transport and storage of vaccines.

LogTags for Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring

The big question is … Can I trust my refrigerator?

Modern vaccine refrigerators are fantastic devices that solve all the problems of domestic refrigerators. They will keep your vaccine stock within the 2° to 8°C range and give you an audible alert if temperatures exceed these limits.

And that’s when the problems start.

Imagine this… you come in on a Monday morning and the alarm on the vaccine refrigerator is beeping. The min/max display on the refrigerator tells you it got to 16° but the current temperature says 8°.

How can you tell if your vaccine stock is ok?

The answer is, you can’t. And that’s where your LogTag comes in.

Your LogTag will give you a detailed record of the temperatures inside the refrigerators – not just the min and max, but how long the temperature was outside the safety range.

The data from your LogTag will give you a definitive answer on whether your vaccine is ok or should be thrown out.


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LogTag Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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LogTags for Vaccine Transport

If you thought storing vaccines was hard, transporting vaccines is a minefield. But the bottom line remains the same – you must be able to prove that the vaccine was not outside the safe temperature range long enough to damage it.

LogTags are great because their small size and rugged construction allows you to just slip the unit in with the shipment.

When the shipment is received, data can be read from the logger in seconds and viewed as a graph.

Plug and Play Peace of Mind

For an even more seamless transport report, there is a LogTag model with a built-in USB. Plug this logger into any Windows PC and it will automatically download its temperature data as a PDF report – no reader device or software required. This means that any receiver can have an instant record of the temperature for their peace of mind.

LogTag with USB