LogTag in Dry Ice

The truck broke down – complete electrical failure. Your shipment sat in the truck by the side of the road, unrefrigerated, for nearly six hours before it was transferred to another truck for delivery. By the time it got to you, it was cold again, but is it OK?

LogTags for Transport

Shipping expensive refrigerated or frozen goods takes a great deal of trust in your cold chain. Even if nothing breaks down, poor practices along the way can still put food at risk of spoilage.

To identify problem areas, many of our shipping customers use LogTags, either as standard practice or in random shipments.

No software needed at the receiver’s end

LogTag have a model with a built-in USB. When the shipment arrives, the recipient simply plugs the LogTag directly into any Windows PC. They can then download a PDF report from the logger that can be emailed back to the sender. Both parties can have an instant record of the temperatures experienced by the shipment and visual notification of any problems.

LogTag with USB


Going to extremes – LogTags at -80°C

With super-low temperature dry ice shipping becoming more commonplace, you need a temperature logger that can stand the heat … er … cold.

There are two LogTags capable of handling -80°C. One sits directly in with the goods, while the other sits outside and measures temperature with a probe.

LogTag Dry Ice


LogTag Dry Ice with External Probe