LogTag Temperature Recorders
LogTag Temperature Recorders
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External Probe

There are three LogTags with external probes – a standard model, a premium model with display, audible alarm and replaceable battery, and a special dry ice model that will log temperatures as low as -80°C.

Standard model

This is the perfect LogTag when you need to measure temperatures inside things. Monitor temperatures inside cool rooms and freezers, underwater or in small spaces.

Premium model

This model has three extra features: an LCD display, an audible alarm and a replaceable battery.

This is an ideal replacement for the standard Medisafe LogTag.

USB LogTag with Probe

With the built-in USB connection, you don’t need a separate reader.

Ideal for monitoring mobile coolers and eskis.

Dry ice shipping

Mount the probe in your cooler and you can monitor temperatures without removing the cover. Great for shipping. See exactly what your shipment went through.

External Probes for LogTags

ST100J External Probe for LogTag

40mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

This is the probe that goes with the LeakProof Vial

ST100K – 65mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

65mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

ST100L – 90mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

90mm tip length, ⌀3.2mm

ST100S – 30mm tip length, ⌀5mm

30mm tip length, ⌀5mm

ST100T – 140mm tip length, ⌀5mm

140mm tip length, ⌀5mm



Handled with 105mm tip length, ⌀5mm


ST100B – Untipped (bare sensor).

ST100B – Untipped

Bare sensor without stainless sheath ready for fitting to custom probe assembly.

Not rated for food contact or environmentally rated.