Downloading your LogTag data

We will show you how to determine whether your LogTag has experienced a temperature event or whether it has recorded optimal results.
Downloading your LogTag data

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Downloading procedure

This procedure is particularly relevant for vaccine fridges, food fridges and freezers.

This procedure will only be effective when the logger is set to overwrite when full.

Download this page as a PDF

Open the LogTag Analyser software

You can find the latest versionĀ here.

Get the LogTag

You don’t need to stop the LogTag or press any buttons.

Insert the LogTag in the Reader (or straight into the computer for USB models)

The software will detect the LogTag and automatically download and save your report to your computer.

By default, files are saved to Downloads>My Logtag Data

Wait for the chart to appear

When the data has finished downloading and saving, the report file will open.

When you see this graph, you know it is safe to remove the LogTag from the computer.

Return the LogTag

You should aim to return to LogTag in the shortest possible time (say 20-30 seconds).

This will reduce the chance of the logger going into alert.

Examine your Report

With the LogTag safely back logging, you can examine and print the report at your leisure.