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Configuring your LogTag for the first time

LogTag Training

2. Configuring your LogTag for the first time

In this section, we will run through each of the settings on the Configuration screen of the LogTag Analyzer software.

Below are screenshots of some sample configurations.

Screenshots of Sample Settings

Medical/Vaccine Refrigerator
Food Refrigerator
Food Freezer
UserIDThe User ID is a description you choose to help you identify the unit. It could be the name of a refrigerator, the name of an area, or just the name of the company. e.g. Large Vaccine Fridge or Bertie’s Restaurant Freezer
Start OptionsPush Button Start – Each LogTag has a Start button. Selecting Push Button Start means the Logger will not begin logging until that button is pushed. This is the recommended option. Date/Time Start – This option allows you to begin logging at a particular time. This might be useful if you were shipping the LogTag with a package and could not be there to start the logger.
Record OptionsRecord Readings Continuously – Most often you will want to choose the first option. This will record until the memory is full and then keep recording new reading while deleting old readings to fit them in. This way, no matter when you download the data, you will always the latest temperatures. Choosing the second option means the logger will record until the memory is full and then stop recording. Again, this might be useful if you were shipping the LogTag and wanted to record temperatures for, say, a 40-day journey and have that data preserved even if it took another 40-days to have the logger returned to you. You can choose how many days you need to record for. We recommend that you leave the Number of Readings to Record setting at its maximum.
Sample rate“Record a reading every” is the sample rate. This is how often the Logtag will measure and store the temperature. For most applications a 5 minute sample rate is ideal.
Start delayThere is generally no need to have a start delay, especially if the push button start is being used.
Green indicatorEnable the OK (Green) indicator should be ticked. This is the OK LED on the Logtag that flashes green letting you know that it is functioning.
Alert indicatorEnable the Alert (Red) indicator should also be ticked. This is the Alert LED that flashes when temperatures have gone out of range.
Temperature limitsThese are the upper and lower limits of temperature that you set for your environment. If the LogTag experiences temperatures outside this range, it will record an alert.
AfterBecause the logger might experience a very short fluctuation in air temperature, for instance, when someone opens a refrigerator door or places a warm item in a refrigerator, we recommend using the first After box to set a delay before the Red LED begins flashing. If you set this to 4 consecutive readings, that means that, on a five minute sample rate, the logger will have to have been out of range for 20 minutes before the Alert light starts flashing. This will minimise false alarms. The second After box allows you to trigger the Alert LED if the logger goes out of range too many times. This may be useful to check on the temperature fluctuations in a particular refrigerator or freezer. We would recommend that you set it to quite a high number so that is only going off if there is really a problem.
Clear and resetThe “clear and reset alert” option allows the user to press the “Clear” button on the logger to stop it flashing red and start flashing green. If this is not turned on, the only way to clear the red flashing LED is to reprogram it with a computer. Whether or not you select this depends on whether you want people to be able to manually clear alerts. There are certainly situations where this would not be desirable.
PasswordsDo not enter a password in the password fields, unless you specifically require the security feature. If you lose or forget the password, there is no way for you to retrieve it without sending the logger back to us.
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