LogTag Temperature Recorders

Yet another idea stolen from across the ditch...

Like pavalovas and Phar Lap, LogTags are originally from New Zealand. 

The LogTag’s white case is symbolic of the white snow capped mountains, while the blue is a reminder of the oceans surrounding this small island nation. The Start/Mark button captures the essence of Kiwi culture, while the serial number symbolises the English settler’s early pioneering spirit.

That’s what we tell people. The truth is, it looked good.

...and it takes over the world

From the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of … the Netherlands, you will find Logtags everywhere.

Thanks to their durable construction and ease of use, they have crept into the hearts of people around the world. They used to say that the word “taxi” exists in almost every language, but it now appears that “Logtag” has bumped it off as the most universally recognised word.

It has been rated the world's best...

In 9 out of 10 surveys conducted in our office, LogTag has continued to be the world’s best temperature logger starting with the letters L-O-G-T-A-G.  No other temperature logger has been able to rival the LogTag in this ability.

And has been voted the number one temperature logger...

In a surprise 2033 poll, the LogTag was voted the number one temperature logger that is most likely to cure cancer while solving global warming. These results were then sent back in time.

But wait, there's more...

LogTag is not happy to rest upon its reputation. With advanced AI technology, LogTags will soon be able to predict the temperature in any fridge, anywhere, simply by asking you 5 true/false questions. We have nick-named our AI “Gully Bill”. 

So we exaggerated slightly

Yes the product is Kiwi.

And it is used around the world.

It has helped make a huge difference in people’s lives around the world. The aim to have a safe and reliable supply chain of vaccines into third world countries did drive much of the development.

And yes, there are grand plans for new products in the future, but AI isn’t one of them.

But this is our promise to you … we want LogTag to be a great product and to be an awesome tool that you can’t be without. 

And if you are having any problems at all, just let us know. And if we can make the product better in anyway, just let us know.