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We have 20 copies of the Rotten Food Cookbook to giveaway next month.

Rotten Food Cookbook

The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook with some very important food safety messages. It covers topics such as cross-contamination, food temperature, hygiene and staff attitude.

At first glance the Rotten Food Cookbook looks like any other cookbook. It has photos of impressive looking dishes with the ingredients and instructions. When you look closer, however, you discover that the dish is actually “Chicken Seizure Salad” and not “Chicken Caesar Salad” and the instructions tell you NOT to wash your hands, and to use the same chopping board.

It is through these deliberate mistakes that the key points are then introduced. Chicken Seizure Salad is a lesson about cross-contamination.

The book is a great balance of humour and fact. While many of the puns are corny (pun intended) and worthy of a groan, the message is not.

And just hope that you never have to say to one of your staff “hey, go easy on the seizure salad”.